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This policy covers the processing of personal data by Based Insights. The ‘Based Insights’ website is committed to protecting the privacy of your personal information whilst striving to provide the very best user experience. We want our website to be safe and rewarding for every visitor. Under the enabling privacy laws, we have a legal duty to protect the personal information we collect from you. If you have any concerns, questions or comments about this privacy policy or the website you can contact us.


We have responsibility over the information we collect through this website. We will use it, as applicable, to:

  • provide you with services or information that you have requested or products or services that you have ordered, such as magazine subscriptions;
  • customize the advertising and content that you see
  • monitor compliance with our terms and conditions of use of this website, enforce our rights and protect the safety of others including investigating and if necessary removing any content about which we receive a complaint
  • for any purpose if we are required to do so by any law or other regulatory or government authority

By providing us with your personal information, you consent to us processing your information as set out in this privacy policy and in any other manner you expressly consent to;


  1. Products or services offered in partnership with third parties: certain products or services reviewed or mentioned on this website may be provided to you in partnership with a third party. That third party may require you to disclose personal information to them in order to receive such products or services in fulfillment of your order. If you request a product or service offered in partnership with a third party, the identity of the third party will be disclosed to you and your personal information will be transferred to that third party. The use of your personal information by that third party is subject to its privacy policy and practices and we are not responsible for the same.
  2. Third-Party Ad Serving and Audience and Traffic Measurement Services: we may use a third-party network advertiser such as Google AdSense to serve the advertisements on this website or we may use an audience or traffic measurement service to analyses the traffic on this website. Network advertisers are third parties that display advertisements based on your visits to this website and other websites you have visited. Third-party ad serving enables us to target advertisements to you for products or websites you might be interested in. Audience and traffic measurement services allow us to collect anonymous traffic and behavioral information from the website by monitoring anonymous visitor activity. This website’s advertisers, sponsors and/or traffic measurement services may themselves set and access their own cookies on your computer if you choose to have your cookies enabled in your browser.
  3. Maintenance and storage of information: Your information is collected and stored on servers which are owned and maintained by or on behalf of Based Insights. We may keep your information for a reasonable period for the purposes set out in this privacy policy.
  4. Links to other websites: this website may contain links to other websites and we display advertisements from third parties on our website. We may monetize some of these links using third party affiliate programs such as Amazon Affiliates. Notwithstanding such affiliate programs, we are not responsible for the content or privacy policies of these websites or for third party advertisers, even if they use the website’s logo as part of a co-branding agreement, nor for the way in which information about their users is treated. Before submitting any personal information to such websites, you should check their privacy policy.


In accordance with our requirements under the enabling privacy and data protection regulations, Based Insights will adopt appropriate security procedures to help prevent unauthorized access to your information. However, Based Insights shall not be liable for any attempt to hack or crack or otherwise gain access to any part of this website including any of your information.


By using this website you agree to the terms of this privacy policy and our terms & conditions. We may amend this privacy policy and the terms and conditions from time to time if the need arises. If we do so, we will post an updated version on this website. You will be bound by the new terms upon your continued use of this website.


if you have any general questions about this website or the information we have collected about you and how we use it, you may contact us at basedinsights@gmail.com.